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How manís best friend can help him evict his nastiest bedmate


Action's Bed Bug Control Experts and Bed Bug Dogs have been featured in:




Daily News

June 2009 Cover

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Our dogs and handlers were trained at the Florida Canine Academy.  The FCA has been featured on:









Philadelphia Bed Bug Dogs are used to detect Bed Bug Infestations.





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Action Termite and Pest Control has been dedicated to delivering prompt and professional pest control services for over 40 years. Family owned for three generations and quality control oriented, Action is your true source for dependable pest control service. Action's technicians receive on-going training on Local, State, and National procedures and laws.

Action delivers prompt and professional service to business and home owners while adhering to all EPA Laws and Safety Regulations. Our highly trained staff consists of qualified service technicians and service managers that are dedicated to customer service and professional care.

Action Termite and Pest Control offers solutions to these common pests with uncommon service.  Philly has an easy choice, take ACTION. 

Our Mission - Serving New Jersey with Friendly and Reliable Service

Action Termite and Pest Control's mission is to provide the highest degree of quality and professionalism while protecting the health and property of your environment. Through intelligent and state of the art service, we will develop a plan that will eliminate pests from your environment. Whether you have commercial, industrial, or a residential property Action's considerable experience will help you find a cost effective solution.


You've heard of Bomb dogs? Drug dogs? Arson dogs? Now, Man's Best Friend is the latest weapon in the war on bed bugs.

Traditional bedbug detection methods can be very time consuming and labor intensive. Certified Bed Bug Dogs generate quicker and more accurate results. For example, the bedbug canine can search the average hotel room in less than two minutes.

Call now to have an Action Bed Bug Dog Team identify the infestation zones and to eliminate them from your home.

Action is a Charter Member of the IFEDCA


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